An Indian Wedding: The Pre-Party


This past weekend I was in Ottawa, Canada attending my cousin's wedding.   All of us had a great weekend full of laughing, dancing, eating, and of course celebrating the wedding of this beautiful couple.
As many of you may know Indian weddings consist of several events leading up to the wedding.  One of the most lively and fun events is the sangeet and it typically takes place 1-2 days prior to the wedding.  A sangeet is best described as an evening of musical entertainment, dancing, eating and most importantly the joining of two families.   Here are some of my pictures from the sangeet.  (Stay tuned for more outfit pictures from the wedding and reception. )
I have come to know Julie over the years and she is such a beautiful and warm hearted individual and I am so impressed (but not surprised) at  how she embraces new experiences and different cultures so openly and genuinely.  Julie and her entire family looked so beautiful in their Indian outfits.  Julie is wearing a gorgeous orange, turquoise, and gold churidar.
My cousin Sachin looking handsome in a traditional kurtha
My sister and me
Julie and me (left) and my mom and me (right)



My sister and mom are wearing a churidar and my cousin is wearing a lengha.
Little Miss Ariyana is wearing a lengha as well.  She had a great time at the sangeet and I had to drag her off the dance floor at the end of the evening. 
Félicitations à vous et Sachin et bienvenue dans la famille! 
xoxo, Naina