What to Pack: Five Day Business Trip

I am in Atlanta this week for work and I must admit packing for business trips is not one of my favorite things to do.  Even though I travel for work often I still dread this task and I always procrastinate and pack at the last minute.  So I decided to make a list of wardrobe essentials for a five day business trip.  I am hoping this list will alleviate some of the stress I have with packing for trips.

Wardrobe Essentials for a Five Day Work Trip

1. big work bag/tote spacious enough for the airplane and for business meetings
2. black cashmere or other soft cardigan
3. one pair of black high heels and one pair of black flats
4. pencil skirt
5. two to three blouses
6. two work appropriate dresses
7. black pants
8. jeans for casual dinners or non work events
9. jacket (either a trench, leather, blazer, or other light stylish jacket)
10. shawl for the cold meeting rooms, airplane, and to wear out at night
11. black opaque tights
12. accessories such as scarfs, belts, and jewelry to change up an outfit or change the look from a day  meeting to an evening dinner
13. undergarments (of course)
14. gym shoes and workout attire



Additional Tips

-The real secret to successful packing is keeping all the items monochromatic so that everything is interchangeable and you can mix and match outfits.
-Hang up all clothes so that they stay wrinkle free and so you can easily view all items.
-Bring along a flat reusable bag in case you end up doing some shopping or pick up extra items from the trip.


What are your wardrobe essentials for business travel?