Reader Request: Gray and Brown

Gray striped boat neck tee-Loft (30%off), JouJou faux leather jacket-Nordstrom, Stretch denim leggings-C&C California, Boots-Steve Madden, Handbag-Spain

Stephanie (of scrumptious) went out with some friends and she paired up a gray sweater dress, gray sheer tights, and caramel colored knee high boots.  After wearing the outfit Stephanie said she liked the look but she wasn't sure if it worked or not.  So Stephanie asked me my thoughts on wearing gray and brown together. 


My thoughts on Stephanie's gray/brown outfit:
1. I think neutral colors like brown, black and gray definitely work well together.
2. Another great option is to match the brown boots with brown tights to make the legs look elongated and longer. 
3. Tie in the brown boots with the rest of the outfit by adding an accessory that has shades of brown it in. This can be a belt, clutch, or even a chunky bracelet.
4. Consider adding in a third color or a pattern. This can be a cardigan, jacket, or scarf.
5. Most importantly, I think Stephanie's outfit worked because she liked it and she wore it with confidence!

So I was inspired to put together a similar outfit using these colors but I went into my closet and I realized I don't have a lot of solid brown and gray items in my closet and I don't even have a single gray or brown dress.  This is because these colors are not the most flattering on me. However, if I break up these colors in my outfit by adding jeans, a third color such as white or yellow, or even patterns such as stripes, then I can pull off wearing these colors. 


I wore the outfit Sunday for a casual get together with our friends for Halloween.  I also brought along this gray cardigan to wear in the house.

My fairy princess and me

Do you wear gray and brown together?
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