Fall Family Portraits

The past couple of years I have gotten a bit lazy with not only sending out holiday cards but also getting professional family portraits taken.  So this year I thought it would be nice to take some fun casual  fall portraits.  And about those holiday cards....well maybe next year!

My good friend Martini took all these photos of us at the Boston Public Garden. She is a wonderful photographer and when she is not working at her day job or taking amazing street style photos for her blog Beyond Boston Chic, she takes professional photos for weddings, family portraits and other fun events. Check out Severin Photography to see her amazing work.

I wanted to coordinate our outfits but I did not want all of us to look the exact same and I wanted our outfits to reflect our personalities and individual style.  So I styled our outfits by using black and brown as our neutral colors. I kept mine and Aneesh's outfit solid and simple but I wanted Ariyana's outfit to be playful, colorful and fun.   Ariyana is wearing an orange and purple printed  Tea Collection dress with brown leggings.  I liked the purple in Ariyana's dress so to compliment this I wore a purple necklace and I put a purple hair clip in Ariyana's hair.   I also added denim into the mix with Aneesh's jeans and Ariyana's jean jacket.

(All images courtesy of Severin Photography)

Have a wonderful weekend!

FamilyNaina Singla