Guest Post: Are You A Proactive Shopper?

Guest Post from my good friend and colleague Monchiere’ Commodore:

Monchiere’ Commodore currently is a national trainer for a major Biotech company. She has been in the fashion industry, particularly as a model, for over 10 years. Her modeling career has included modeling for various department stores such as Saks Fifth Ave and Dillards for an array of designers including Chanel, Escada, Tory Burch, Dianne von Furstenberg and St. John. She has also made appearances on Wheel of Fortune and various other television programs as well. Monchiere has a passion for wardrobe maintenance and organization with her mantra being taken care of what you have and so you can have what you want. She is married with one child and resides in New Orleans, LA.

As we get ready to close out 2010 and bring in the New Year 2011, its the perfect time for an end of year closet cleaning and reflection. We have all seen tips on how to determine what items to keep in ours closets. Such include the need for the items to have been worn at least once in 2 yrs (unless its classics or specialty pieces), be in good or repairable condition, and it must be comfortable, well fitting or part of your wardrobe personality. But I would also like for you to reflect on your shopping in 2010. What were your best purchases? Any regrets (like those cute shoes you may never wear because of a really high heel)?

Reflections like these are all important as we prepare for the New Year. My goal in 2011 is to be a proactive shopper. How about the idea of planning out most of my 2011 shopping? I've started by asking myself What are my most important items I need to buy for 2011? Which for me is a black handbag and pumps. Honestly evaluating what's missing in my closet then developing a plan on how best to shop for these items. Reaching out to my favorite stores to see when they will have their largest sales on my future purchases. Or maybe it's shopping out of season for some of these new additions.

Like many of you I have to be wise with how I spend my resources (time/money/etc) in this upcoming year. Living on a budget (for both shopping and living expenses) and really sticking to it is critical in this economy. Shopping smart means buying the best quality my money can buy without any buyers remorse. No remorse in 2011. Also by shopping smarter I can actually get more.

So join me in 2011 as I aim to not only enjoy my shopping experience (which I really love to shop) but also get some great additions to my wardrobe. Let's be the best proactive shoppers in 2011.

Monchiere-thank you for sharing your goals for 2011. I must admit I like this concept of being a proactive shopper. I will certainly plan more and be mindful and smart about the items I purchase in 2011.>

What are your thoughts? Will you be a proactive shopper in 2011?