This weekend was relaxing and I had a great time with family and friends. I had so many opportunities to practice taking pictures all weekend. Unfortunately, while in Gloucester, my camera battery died after taking one picture.  And yesterday, I left the camera on the kitchen table before heading out to Nicole's wedding shower. So much for practicing with the camera. Thanks to my husband and good friend Jen for letting me borrow their IPhones to take these pictures.

What did I learn this weekend?
-Mario Lopez is really cute in person (he was sitting in the row in front me on my flight Friday)
-Valentine's Day is a cute (but definitely girly) movie
-Always make sure camera is charged
-Remember to actually take the camera before leaving home
-How much I could enjoy a simple scenic drive in the car with Aneesh and Ariyana
-Simple pleasures like making a 5pm Starbucks run with Aneesh for freshly brewed Kona coffee really makes me happy
-It has been along time since I just stayed in on a Saturday evening,  listening to jazz, hanging out with Aneesh, and not doing much of anything
-Despite being busy with work and kids it's always so refreshing and comforting to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine with my girlfriends

{Nicole's wedding shower at the Navy Yard Bistro in Charlestown}

{All of us got beautiful lavender plants as a gift. We'll see how long I can keep mine alive}

{It's always nice to spend quality time with my little munchkin}

Naina Singla