Colorful Sleeves

I spotted a woman on an airplane carrying a beautiful giraffe print laptop sleeve and I decided I wanted to get a new sleeve for my laptop.   Most of the time I just throw my laptop into one of my large handbags and go.  But, I think having a functional yet stylish laptop sleeve will be great to avoid scratches and damage to the my laptop. Here are the laptop sleeves I am considering.  Which one do you like?
Have a great weekend!

From the top

1.Black Soft Sleeved Perforated Leather $59.95

2.Snake White and Daffodil  $144.90

3.Python and Lilac Clutch $241.50

4.Abbi Embossed Neoprene Pink $49.95

5.Sumdex Sleeve $24.99

6.Classic White Perforated $42.99

7.Laptop Bag Sleeve Case $89.00

8.Tucano Neoprene $25.49