Knight and Day and Cross Body Bags

I went and saw the movie Knight and Day with my husband this weekend. First off I cannot remember the last time we went to a movie together so it was really nice to have a movie date night.  And for a change we both agreed on the movie we wanted to see. This is always difficult since my husband enjoys action/thriller movies and I prefer romantic comedies.  Knight and Day had the perfect balance of light comedy and action. And even though the movie did not get amazing reviews, both of us enjoyed the movie and our night out.
In this movie, Cameron Diaz was style'n with this cross body bag. Cross body bags are great for times when you absolutely need a bag to carry all your essentials like going to a baseball game, outdoor concert, or dinner. They are also ideal because they are hands free, convenient, and look stylish. This also   makes them great options  for running errands and shopping.

                             Cameron Diaz and her cross body bag in Knight and Day

A few of my favorites
JCrew Galaxy purse $395
Foley+Corinna Disco city bag $198
Marc by Marc Jacobs Catherine leather tote $360
And here is the one I have by Marc Jacobs.  It's from a couple of seasons ago but I use it all the time.