Simple Pleasures

One of my favorite simple pleasures is to wake up and start the day with a nice strong cup of fresh ground coffee.  In fact, I cannot talk to anyone until I get my coffee fix.  So,  I was excited when the coffee beans I ordered from Roasted Grounds Coffee Company arrived on my doorstep this week.   If you are not familiar with this company, Cara from Lilac and Grey, recently started this coffee business with her husband.  You can find more details about this delicious coffee here.  I am now hooked on this coffee and I will definitely be ordering some more.

The August issue of In Style arrived this week and I cannot wait for this weekend so I can enjoy a glass of  Cabernet and read this issue which is literally filled with 600 pages of Fall Fashion.  Drinking wine and enjoying a good magazine is so satisfying don't you think?

On Monday morning my mom made fresh watermelon juice with ginger and lemon. This was refreshing and healthy.   My sister and I proceeded to mix the juice with champagne but due to the excessive amount of ginger in the watermelon juice, this combination did not turn out well.


And my husband and I enjoyed date night every night this week.  It is Restaurant week in Boston so this is a great opportunity to try out some new places to eat.  We are also planning on catching up with some movies tonight and tomorrow. Tonight we are finally going to see Inception and tomorrow we are going to see Salt.  I really love the simple pleasure of going out to dinner or going to see a good movie and eating "movie" popcorn.  


I also appreciate the simple pleasure of spending quality time with Ariyana.   But, last Monday, before flying back to Boston, I decided to leave her with my mom and dad in Raleigh, NC so that she could spend some quality time with them for the week.  I know Ariyana is having a great time with my parents, and my husband and I appreciate this break, but we still miss her dearly and we look forward to seeing her Sunday.

And this video is literally 8 seconds but it is so adorable. Ariyana is having her first official golf lesson with my dad. It is truly amazing to me to see how simple pleasures like making the golf putt, enjoying a popsicle, or even finishing a puzzle can make a child so happy.


What are your favorite simple pleasures in life?