Top 10 Style Trends: Urban Outfitters

I love shopping at Urban Outfitters especially when I want to buy some fun casual weekend wear.  So I was intrigued when I saw this list of The Top 10 Fall Trends on their website.   In general, I love incorporating trends into my wardrobe but only when the trend looks good on me and when I truly like the trend.  Also, trendy pieces of clothing or accessories are great to add on when I am trying to create an updated and stylish look with pieces I already have in my wardrobe.   I am not a fan of all these trends here and probably would not try all of them.  But my absolute favorites are the surplus, platform heels, and double finger rings.  Corduroy is always a nice basic to have and I will probably add at least one oversized sweater to my wardrobe this fall.

What are your favorite trends from this Top 10 list?

1. Varsity

2.  Surplus

3. Heritage Shoes

4. Corduroy

5. Pony Hair

6. Long Dresses and Skirts

7. High Platforms

8. Double Finger Rings

9. Oversized

10. Saddle Bags