Stylish Things

My mom was visiting for a couple of days and she brought my sister and I lovely lace scarfs.

On Sunday we went to a housewarming part so I made these blueberry coffee cake muffins but this time I made mini-muffins.

When I was in New York for Fashion Week Lani and I had the opportunity to view the Qi and Ainsley Fall and Spring collections. Both collections feature durable, modern, and practical pieces. I especially loved all the cropped knits and vivid prints from Ainsley and the luxurious and transitional cashmere pieces from Qi.

I am on a mission to eat more fruit everyday and I am also trying to encourage Ariyana to eat more fruits with fiber. So Aneesh had this idea to give Ariyana apples for dessert with sprinkles and of course she loves eating apples now.

The lovely folks over at Sheyna sent me this gold vermeil amethyst necklace.  I love the necklace because it is so delicate and pretty and it is a nice change from all the chunky jewelry I usually wear.  Sheyna is also offering STYLE'N readers a 20% discount on any purchase.  (Promotion code SHEYNA20)

Last week Ariyana and I went apple picking and there were plenty of apples, pumpkins, and apple cider, but apple cider donuts were nowhere to be found. I might have to go back again just so I can have a donut!