Pleats + Lace

Last weekend we went to Charlotte, NC to visit my family and it was so nice to spend quality time with everyone, especially my four month old nephew. I am always so grateful and appreciative of the time we all spend together.

One of the highlights from my trip was having a cup of coffee with the fabulous photographer and blogger Kelly(from Style Attic) Even though Kelly and I had never met before I felt like I already knew her.

Kelly's blog was one of the first ones I came across when I started my blog and her photography is so inspiring to me. Her blog posts are consistently creative, authentic, and best of all she always tells a story through her photos. Kelly is truly a genuine and beautiful person and she clearly has a natural flair for fashion photography. If you get a chance do head over to Style Attic to check out some of the additional pictures Kelly took during our mini photo shoot.

Sparkle and Fade pleated chiffon miniskirt, Aldo heels, clutch and bangle-gifts from my mom from her recent trip to India)

All images above taken by Kelly from Style Attic