Girls Day In: Valentines Day Cookies

I love Girls Day Out which usually consists of shopping and afternoons at the spa but on Saturday my sister Rachna, Ariyana, and I decided we needed a Girls Day In. We hung out all day and baked cookies from scratch (my first time) and spent quality time with each other. We made these cookies and used this icing.

the dough all ready to go into the refrigerator

While waiting for the dough to harden in the fridge Rachna and Ariyana passed the time playing peekaboo

A package I ordered arrived while we were making the cookies so we got creative with the tissue paper

more uses for the tissue paper

Ariyana taking her frustrations out with the bubble wrap

the dough is finally ready

I was going to package the cookies in cute bags and have Ariyana take them to school but we had a small Superbowl get together at our place and we ended up eating all of them.

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