Reader Request: What to Wear With Tall High Heel Boots

Occasionally I get emails from style'n readers who are looking for style advice and I am always so humbled and inspired by these requests. Sirena, a personal trainer and health and nutrition blogger (The Naked Dish), contacted me because she bought these new high heel tall brown boots and wanted some ideas about what to wear with them. Below are some of the style tips I suggested to Sirena and since she lives here in Boston I thought it would be nice to meet up and take a picture of the outfit we styled. I like high heel boots (here) and if they are worn right they elongate the legs and give a sleek and sexy look.

Style'n tips: What to wear with tall high heel boots

1. Skinny Jeans, especially a dark wash or black ones. I love the look paired with a belted cardigan or a billowy silk blouse.

2. Short skirts including mini's and knee length. I like to make sure the skirt length is shorter than the top of the boot so you can see the boots. For some people 1 inch above the boot works, and for others they look best when the skirt just hits above the boot. Also, skirts that stop 3-4 inches above the boot work well.

3. Long skirts, full or narrow, that cover the top of the boot.

4. Casual everyday long and short dresses. Follow the same basic principles with short and long skirts.

5. A high heel pointy-toed high heel boot with business suits gives a professional and classy look. (but do not tuck pants in the boots for this look!)

What do you wear with your high heeled boots?