Stylish Things

It was nice to be home this week after traveling so much the past month. I loved getting back into a routine and I made a conscientious effort this week to work on my time management skills at work and in my personal life. I firmly believe if you write things down you are more likely to accomplish those tasks.  So Sunday I took a few minutes to plan out my week and I wrote down everything I needed to do each day including workouts, errands, and of course all my work tasks and appointments. I ended up having productive meetings at work, got back on my workout regimen, squeezed in a pedicure, and even did some shopping (by the way loving the bright colored items at Zara and all the neutrals and feminine pieces at Club Monaco).

Of course I had to squeeze in a little bit of time to play around with my camera.  So here are my three new favorite travel items.  These will be perfect for our trip to NY city next weekend.

I stopped by Sephora to pick up my favorite dry shampoo by Rene Furterer but they were out of stock. So I bought this dry shampoo and I really like it because it has a much lighter scent.

Rollerball perfume to go by Marc Jacobs

Burberry sunglasses Aneesh got me for Valentine's Day

And after a busy yet productive week I am not making any plans or lists for the weekend. Instead, I am looking forward to laughing and enjoying precious time with my little sunshine.