Reader Request: A few questions....

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Kacie and her sister, both Style'N readers,  emailed me requesting some additional details on a few of my previous blog posts.  I thought I would take the opportunity to address their questions on today's post.

1. Could you provide the link to the peach mango mimosa's and spinach and mushroom quiche recipes you talked about on April13th?I am planning on doing a recipe post on the spinach, mushroom, and onion quiche sometime in May or June so stay tuned. But I can tell you it's my aunt's recipe and it's super easy to make and it's delicious. In the meantime if you want the recipe feel free to email me directly and I would be happy to send it to you.

And the peach mango mimosa's are really easy to make. I just added this peach mango juice to some champagne...that's it! Oh threw in a raspberry in each glass to make the drinks look pretty.

2. Which food mixer do you have - it is photographed in your Valentines Cookies blog piece from Feb 7th.

I use this Kitchen Aid Architect 6 speed hand mixer but I have been baking way more this past year and I would love to get a professional stand up mixer soon.

3. Where are the beautiful glasses from that you serve your smoothies in - the tall and the smaller ones?

The smaller cocktail glasses are from Crate and Barrel. I got them a couple of years ago and unfortunately I don't see them on the Crate and Barrel website. I got the taller etched glasses more recently and they are from West Elm. I bought the tall tumblers and the wine glasses. And I use these wine glasses for yogurt parfaits and desserts.

4. We were curious to know which the orange cook book you had was was - its in the photo where you have the Gpaltrow, Flour and Giada's cookbooks in a pile from April 7.

The cookbook is Vij's Indian Cuisine and it's available at Amazon. Vij's restaurant is an extremely well known and popular restaurant in Vancouver and we always eat there when we are in town.  My husband and I both really enjoy making recipes from this cookbook. 

5. Where is your ring from in the photograph of you holding your daughters hand, December 17 2010

It is a David Yurman albion ring and Aneesh got it for me as a gift when Ariyana was born 3 years ago.