Stylish Things: Vacation Edition

photo credit-my lovely cousin Puja

This past week we were on vacation my with cousins and extended family at Solisterra Lake House cottage just outside Ottawa, Canada.  Our charming cottage was eco-friendly and was situated right on a sandy beach and quiet lake.  It was wonderful spending quality time together without the distraction of a T.V. or the internet. It was also a welcome change not wearing makeup, styling my hair, or thinking about what to wear for an entire week.

One of my favorite things about vacation is having the time to read.  I brought along my new Kindle and was immersed in this book.  Of course reading is not complete without a drink right? I am not much of a beer drinker so I opted for a Shandy (beer + ginger ale) instead.


photo credit

photo credit

I loved the look and feel of the rustic kitchen.  We all gathered here first thing in the morning to enjoy French pressed coffee, English tea, and toast.

Julie cut peaches to make a warm fruit sauce for our pancakes. She made the sauce with fresh peaches, raspberries, butter, and maple syrup.

My cousins rented two paddleboards and they were a huge hit with everyone. The paddleboards are so versatile and and fun because you can row while standing or sitting or you can lay down on the board and cruise along the lake.

My cousin Vik (from London) made us Pimms + Lemonade. This classic British drink, which is almost as much of a tradition as tea, was refreshing and perfect for the warm weather.

We were all amazed that Ariyana was content and entertained with a simple bucket and plastic container. She spent countless hours playing in the sand and water pretending to make pancakes and oatmeal for the fish.

Every evening after dinner we would sit outside by the campfire, make S'mores, and admire the open sky  full of stars. I didn't see any shooting stars but my cousins spotted several of them.