My New Hana Air Hair Dryer

Hana, best known for their professional ceramic flat iron, recently introduced the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer and a couple of weeks ago the kind folks over at Misikko contacted me about trying it out.  I must admit I was a hesitant to try it because I have used the Rusk Speed Freak hair dyer for several years and have been so happy with it.  But my sister, who also uses the Rusk, convinced me that maybe the technology has changed over the years and it might be time for a new hair dryer so I decided to give it a try. My sister and sister in law were also both in town this past weekend so I had both of them give it a try and all of us ended up loving the HANAair Hair Dryer. The Hana was fast, powerful, lightweight, and much quieter than the Rusk.  It is also easy to hold and features an extra long cord which is convenient and easy to maneuver.   The one thing my sister and I noticed is that the air is not hot enough on the low setting. So I contacted the folks at Misikko and they said this is normal and the hair dryer features a lower heat and faster speed in order to minimize frizz and maintain moisture. All three of us agreed this sleek hair dryer is amazing, super fast, and leaves hair feeling healthy and shiny.

My sister in law Hetal and sister Rachna