Current Obsession

I love these cotton canvas totes by Vanessa Bruno.  I have the large black sequin tote (from dress)and carry it with me to the gym, grocery store and anywhere else I might need to lug around a lot of items. Also, when I bought the bag I found out the bag is a huge hit with Parisian women. It makes sense since the bag is super stylish, functional, and perfect for all the walking the women do in Paris.  The tote comes in 3 different sizes, many fun colors to choose from, and it is even available in leather. 

Maryland is also the first state to  implement a new 5 cent fee on bags. The fee is meant to curb pollution and encourage the use of reusable bags. A good excuse to invest in a stylish and high quality tote right?  I also adore the blush tote and am contemplating getting this one for the spring.