A Clean Sweep

When I was approached about being a Brand Ambassador for the skin care line Proactiv, my first reaction was I don't have acne and I have never even used the Proactiv 3 step acne system.  And then I couldn't help but think about Justin Bieber and Julianne Hough, two very young celebrity customers and spokespersons for Proactiv. But when I did some research and learned more about the Proactiv skin care line, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Proactiv's skin line contains a wide variety of products suitable for all ages, including products like the green tea moisturizer and refining mask.  Proactiv's complete line of products addresses skin care concerns from acne to wrinkles and beyond  and this includes a fantastic new Cleansing Brush, Makeup Cleansing Wipes, and Oil Blotter Sheets.

As Brand Ambassador for Proactiv, I will be trying a few of the products from the new line and once a month until July I will share my review and opinions on some of these products.

First up is the Proactiv makeup cleansing wipes. Last night I was too lazy to remove my make up so I gave the cleansing wipes a try.  Let me start off by saying I am one of those people who absolutely cannot go to bed until I have brushed my teeth, taken off ALL my makeup, and moisturized my face. I have also tried lots of cleansers, eye make up removers, and make up wipes, including most recently the Olay Wipes and Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes from Target.

My review on the makeup cleansing wipes:

-I love that they are fragrance free.

-Literally with one clean sweep all my make up was removed gently and effectively.

-Afterwards my face felt clean, fresh, and moisturized with no residue at all. 

-At around $15 they are more expensive than other wipes on the market. But to me, this product is like having a cleanser and make up remover all in one so I don't mind paying a little more. 

-I feel like my nighttime routine just became simplified, especially on nights when I am tired and not motivated to go through an entire process of removing makeup, cleansing and moisturizing. 

-In two weeks I am traveling again (for another wedding) so instead of carrying a travel size bottle of cleanser,  make up remover, and make up remover pads,  I am going to pack these convenient cleansing wipes. In fact these wipes are coming with me on all my future trips!

Other features of these makeup cleansing wipes:

-The disposable cloths are pre-moistened with a nourishing soap-free cleanser and remove make up completely without water or rinsing.

-The wipes gently and easily remove lipstick, mascara, and makeup from the eyes and face.

-Infused with allantoin and lavender to soothe and condition your skin.

-One cloth is large enough to use over your entire face.

-Best feature-->Oil, alcohol, and fragrance free; and non comedogenic.