This Week In Instagram Photos

{New watch and bracelet for my birthday from Aneesh, flowers from my family, and a sneak peek at an fun organizing project I am working on}

 For those of you not following on instagram I thought I would share a few photos I posted this past week.

After all the travel we have been doing lately, I am really excited to stay home this weekend and get a few things done around the house.  We are going to put up some artwork,  set up our new grill, and find some new patio furniture in preparation for my family visiting over Memorial Day weekend.  We also have a fun dinner planned for tomorrow. (more on that next week)

Have a great weekend! 

{Ariyana and me on our way to a wedding reception in Charlotte, NC}

{Friday afternoon treat-mango smoothies  and Essie nail polish in Bangle Jangle}

{A gift from my mom-her vintage gold necklace and earrings}