Makeup Brush Guide

Lately I have been organizing my make up brushes, replacing old brushes, and expanding and completing my makeup brush collection.  I usually buy MAC or Bobbi Brown makeup brushes but I have to say these SOHO professional ergonomic brushes (all featured above) are my new favorites. The brushes are reasonably priced and they conform to the natural contour of the hand allowing for a better grip, comfort, and more controlled make up application. 

A Few Additional Tips About Makeup Brushes

Powder and Blush Brushes

If you only have one powder brush you can use it for pressed and loose powder, bronzer, and blush. But I like using my powder brush just for powder and I have a separate blush brush for blush and bronzer.  I also have a contoured blush brush because the slanted shape allows you to deposit color precisely where you want it. 

Travel Brush Sets

Having a separate travel set of brushes is ideal because it is compact and the brushes are neatly organized. I have a Bobbi Brown travel brush set I use (similar to this one) but this Rose Gold Mineral Brush Set from Sephora is stunning and I love the chic coordinated pouch.  

Keeping Brushes Clean

Cleaning and disinfection brushes is important not only to protect the longevity of the brushes but also to keep your skin healthy and free of bacteria. I admit I am terrible when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes but I am hoping to get better at this with at least monthly deep cleaning of the brushes with baby shampoo. I also just purchased  this anti-bacterial daily cleaner from Sephora and it works well to quickly remove makeup between applications.