Strawberry Vanilla Frozen Pops

Yesterday after a scorching hot day at camp, Ariyana and I decided to make these refreshing and delicious strawberry vanilla frozen pops. If you ignore the sweet toppings these frozen pops are healthy and a great snack for kids and adults.   


1 cup vanilla yogurt

12 fresh strawberries (remove stems but not core)

6 popsicle sticks, cake pop sticks, or bamboo chopsticks


1. Line a sheet pan with wax paper 

2. Spoon vanilla yogurt into a small bowl. Insert 1 stick into the stem end of 2 strawberries

3. Using the stick as a skewer, dip the strawberry pops into the yogurt. Repeat for remaining strawberries and sticks. 

4. Lay each pop on the prepared sheet pan and decorate with various toppings of choice. We used shredded coconut, confetti sprinkles, oreo chocolate, and candy covered chocolate. (You can also use nuts but Ariyana has a nut allergy so we skipped them.)

5. Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours before covering or serving. Store covered in freezer until ready to serve.