Ask The Stylist: What Is A Good Mascara?

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Recently a reader asked me if I could recommend a good mascara. There are so many different types of mascara on the market today and sometimes it is confusing and hard to choose the right one. Curling mascaras are best for individuals with little to no natural curl in their lashes, lengthening mascara is great for individuals with short lashes, and volume mascara helps make lashes appear thicker and fuller. Then of course there are other options like waterproof and water resistant, mascara for sensitive eyes, and different colors of mascara.  Too many choices right?

To understand what type of mascara you need it's best to know what type of lashes you have first. 

-If you have short and thin lashes - lengthening and volume mascara. 

-If you have long, but thin and sparse lashes - volume mascara and a curling mascara. 

-If you have short but thick lashes - lengthening mascara with a thick brush

-If you have long and thick lashes-(lucky you!) - curling mascara. 

-If you have watery/runny eyes - water-proof mascara