Bloody Caesar Cocktails and Biz Brunch {Part II}

A couple of Friday's ago I hosted a Bloody Caesar Cocktails and Biz Brunch {see Part I here} for some fabulous women in the DC area. {Judy, Hilary, Catherine, Raelynn, Meg, Amanda, Sarah, Bonnie, Cindy, and Whitney} It was a great way to bring people I knew together so they could network and meet other women in business in the DC area. 

I don't host get togethers as often as I would like simply because I get a bit stressed thinking about planning a menu, coming up with a theme, setting up, cooking etc. Somehow I feel like everything has to be so perfect.  But I really love the idea of bringing friends together and hosting brunch, wine tastings, and small and intimate dinner parties. So for this brunch I decided to ask my friend Sarah with Savormaker to help me with the planning process and she did a fabulous job! Through this process and working with Sarah I feel much more confident and excited to entertain and host more often. 

Here are details about Savormaker, the Washington, DC-based boutique dining + design firm. 

At Savormaker, it's all about helping people truly enjoy everyday moments, often and effortlessly. We combine quality food and luxurious style, creating ultimate home dining experiences. 
Our services include:
  • a solid and versatile collection of tableware and bar pieces
  • a well-stocked pantry of quality foods and beverages
  • menus and occasions inspired by quality foods, seasonal foods, and food pairings 
  • mix-and-match tabletop schemes and styling kitchen, dining areas, and bar displays
Whether it's a beautiful brunch with girlfriends, a cozy breakfast in bed with your loved one, a crafty cocktail gathering with a few friends, or an afternoon of tea for two, we help our clients prepare now, so that they're always ready to rise to the occasion. 

{Sarah and me} 

{Hosting Tip: Ask your guests to assist with simple tasks such as opening and pouring drinks when they arrive. Guests feel welcome and it creates a relaxed and informal experience. }

{Hosting Tip: If you are serving a signature cocktail at the party consider offering white wine or champagne until all the guests arrive. A second drink option as well as a non-alcholic drink or cocktail is also a great idea in case  guests don't like the signature drink or they don't drink alcohol. }

Special thanks to Sarah at Savormaker for the design, set up, and menu planning services, Bonnie for all the amazing photos, and Amanda for coming early to help me set up and to make the delicious salmon cucumber rounds.