Three Years Of STYLE'N

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. " - George Bernard Shaw 

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I started the blog STYLE'N and a year and a half since I left my full time job as a Medical Liaison in the Biotech world to pursue STYLE'N full time.  Life is all about creating and reinventing yourself and liking what you do everyday is happiness. I truly love helping women define and refine their personal style and my passion is to inspire women to be stylish and confident everyday! 

This year has been especially fun with styling clients, getting involved with fashion photo shoots, and continuing to do regular on-air fashion segments. This past year I have also focused more on using the blog as a way to feature style tips, trends, and styling advice for women and most recently I created a few fun new series on the blog with Ask A Stylist , STYLE'Notes, and the Spring/Summer Dress Trends series.  

I appreciate your support and comments and hope you will continue to read and follow along.  xx 

Each year I also like to reflect back to my very first post and remember why I started this blog and also gain some perspective on how much I have grown and changed since my very first post. 

First STYLE'N Post - May 25, 2010

Since the New Year, I decided I want to start being more creative so I figured why not start a blog? A virtual journal is an amazing way to capture all the things going on in my everyday life but also a great way to connect to others. I love all things associated with style and I am hoping this blog will be an outlet for me to share my personal style and all the things I love most. so here goes.....