My Latest Workout Routine

Jodi Higgs 30 day AB challenge 

I am taking a little break from style and fashion today to talk about my latest workout routine. To stay in shape I usually work out 2-3x a week at the gym and go to a barre studio 1-2x/week. But for the past three months I put my gym membership on hold and I have been running outdoors, biking, and continuing with barre classes. I also started spin at Zengo and I am completely addicted to this high energy workout.  I love the variety of workouts and this plan has been working great for me the past couple months. But I will be attending my cousins wedding in a month so I figured I would change things up again. I love it when I have big event coming up because I am motivated to set specific goals, make a detailed workout plan, and stick with it.  For the next 30 days my fitness plan involves the occasional barre class, {yes I am addicted to barre} Insanity DVD's, and this 30 day AB challenge my sister introduced me to.  After 30 days I am hoping to switch to the ARM challenge along with the second half of Insanity and of course barre classes.  So far the plan is working out great because it is super convenient to be able to work out at home and I am huge fan of getting a workout done first thing in the less thing on my to do list for the day! What is your workout routine?

Jodi Higgs 30 Day Arm challenge

Jodi Higgs 30 day Cardio challenge