STYLE TIPS: How To Travel With {only} A Carry On Bag

With longer check in's, stricter baggage restrictions, and long waits at the baggage carousel it is a much easier to travel without checking in bags. Today on Let's Talk Live DC I am sharing a few style tips for traveling with a just a carry on bag. Whether you are traveling for two days or two weeks these tips will help you travel light while still looking stylish. 

Check out the TV segment here.  {I apologize but the segment was cut short due to a presidential address so the last two style tips were not mentioned during the segment and also there were some technical difficulties and not all the images were shown}


1. Do some planning in advance.  Invest in the right type of carry on bag so you can fit all your essentials. Tumi makes a great high quality carry on bag but there are so many options out there. Be sure to take full advantage of the "personal item" and select one that is durable and large so you can fit as many items in there as possible. Also make a list of the items you need and when planning outfits consider the types of events you will be attending. Finally lay everything out on the bed and create outfits based on the events you will be attending Remember a little planning in advance and you will be able to pack light and avoid checking bags. 

2. Pack neutral colors.  When packing select two to three colors and keep the rest of the items neutral.  Be sure you can interchange tops and bottoms to create several different looks and remember the key to packing your clothes is to focus on versatility. This is not the best time to pack new clothes, clothes that are uncomfortable, or clothes that don't mix and match with the other items in your bag.  Also keep in mind you can always wash or dry clean your clothes at your destination. Finally consider packing dresses- they are easy to pack, require no outfit coordination, and they transition beautifully from day to night. Also don't forget to bring along a cardigan. A cardigan is a travel essential and will keep you warm during travel and it can be layered to create new looks with your outfits as well.  

Dress-Banana Republic

3. Create new outfits with accessories.  Scarves, jewelry, and handbags are easy and fun ways to change up your look without packing more clothes. A scarf is a must have travel accessory for air travel. It is stylish and can be used as a blanket or pillow on the airplane.  A scarf can also be used to change up the look of an outfit,  adds color, and is perfect for those cooler days. Clutches are another great accessory and can be used in the evenings or when you don't want to carry your larger handbag. This one from BCBG works well because it is flat and can easily be packed without being crushed.  Finally bring jewelry along to dress up an outfit for the evening. If you're like me and pack a lot of black clothes then colorful jewelry will liven up your outfit. 

4. Go easy on the shoes. Shoes take up a lot of space and most women tend to over pack shoes. When it comes to packing your shoes comfort and versatility are key. I recommend wearing  flats on the airplane and packing an additional pair of neutral heels. If you have space and are heading on a summer vacation then you may need to add pair of flip flops or sandals as well. Usually if I have any extra space in my bag then I will think about packing an additional pair of shoes such as a second pair of heels or a pair of running/walking shoes. 

Michael Kors ballet flats and Vince Camuto peep-toe heels

5. Pack travel size items. Many of your favorite cosmetics, face, and hair products come in travel sizes so stock up on them when possible. Also if you travel often keep your travel items organized and ready to go.  Try and bring only the essentials and and keep your routine simple while traveling.  These clear pouches from Truffle are great because they are compact yet expandable. You can use them to neatly organize and pack liquids, toiletries, make up, jewelry, and chargers and tech accessories.  I have one of these truffle pouches but I am pretty sure I will be purchasing a few more really soon!

Truffle No 1 clarity pouch