A well-equipped bar is key to making great cocktails. From unwinding with a Manhattan after work to sipping mimosas over brunch, these accessories are must-haves for every home bar. 

Must Have Bar Accessories 

1. Bar Spoons {Kaufman MercantileUrban Bar}: stir without disruption for beautifully clear cocktails. 
2. Muddler {PUG!}: mash fruits, herbs, and/or spices to release their flavor right into your glass. 
3. Pitcher {Marquis by Waterford}: whip-up a large batch ahead of time so you can relax with your guest(s).
4. Tray {Aerin}: keep your bar organized so you're ready to enjoy a great cocktail any time. 
5. Juicer {Chef'n}: there's nothing better than a splash of fresh-squeezed citrus. 
6. Cocktail Picks {Christofle}: garnish with a couple olives or skewer a few pieces of fruit. 
7. Ice Bucket {Monique Lhuillier Waterford}: keep ice cold and convenient. 
8. Jigger {Urban Bar}: enjoy a well-balanced cocktail, every time.
9. Strainer {Calabrese/Urban Bar}: remove ice, fruit, and pulp for a smooth cocktail. 
10. Shaker {Urban Bar}: mix drinks and chill to perfection. 


Sarah Mehta is Founder & Principal of Savormaker, a Washington, DC-based boutique food + lifestyle consultancy that enhances home dining experiences. Combining her love of good food and flair for luxurious style, Sarah helps clients eat well, entertain effortlessly, and truly savor everyday moments. For details, visit