Color Trend: Evergreen Accents

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We spent the week in North Carolina with my family and it was such a relaxing and fun week of doing pretty much nothing but eating and drinking. And for once I didn't mind the 5 hour drive to Raleigh-thanks to the Serial podcast. 

For Thanksgiving it was just my family (which is a first) but we are a big group of 10 so it was no small gathering.   My mom, sister, sister in law, and I all made various dishes. I made sweet potatoes with a rice crispy toppingmultigrain bread stuffing with sausage and herbs, and an oreo cheesecake. And on Friday we took some family portraits in Chapel Hill. I will definitely share more photos later but in the meantime you can check out a few here on instagram. 

Today we have our fashion contributor Faith Pierce sharing some of her favorite dark green items. I am loving this color and Faith definitely inspired me to embrace this beautiful dark green and festive color on my nails {photo above and here

While shopping in New York the other weekend I found that I was repeatedly being drawn to the same dark green shades in almost every store. It felt fresh compared to the burgundy and navy blues that had been gracing the windows previously and all too appropriate for the upcoming holiday months. From nails, to coats, to shoes it is definitely my color of choice for the moment.

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