STYLE PROFILE - Arti and Komal of NUMARI

Name: Arti Anand and Komal Kushal Raj

Current Title/Company: Co-Founders NUMARI 

Location: Washington, DC 

NUMARI is an e-commerce brand that offers custom fit women’s wear at off-the-rack prices. The brand ethos is all about fit, functionality, and fun. The Preview Collection, designed by Project Runway alum Bert Keeter, features day-to-night dresses for the stylish, modern woman on the go. Prices range from just $130-$225 and the customer service obsessed company offers free shipping and free returns.


1. What does a typical day look like for you?

AA & KK: As is true for most start-ups, every day is different. We typically do strategy oriented working sessions 3 times per week and reserve the other days for a slew of meetings related to marketing and brand partnerships, raising capital, providing guidance to interns and staff, and general networking. During our working sessions we try to make progress on every aspect of the business - whether its product development, working on improving web and customer experience, planning marketing campaigns and events, and refining our business strategy based on the most recent learnings. We use the early morning (for Komal) and late night (for Arti) hours to catch up on e-mails and miscellaneous activities. There's never a dull moment!

 2. How would you describe your personal style?

AA: Having spent my past life in Corporate America, I generally gravitate toward a more conservative and minimalistic apparel style - but have been making a more conscious effort to introduce more color in my wardrobe. I absolutely love accessories - jewelry especially - and use those pieces to complete my look.

KK: For me style is all about comfort and confidence. I like to experiment and am constantly expanding my wardrobe with various new colors, fabrics, accessories, etc. Fall is my favorite season and I love pairing a great fitting dress with stockings and great boots. My go-to accessory is a handbag. I invest in chic bags that are also very functional. 

3. What are your favorite items in your wardrobe and why?

AA: While this sounds completely biased, it's my diagonal color block sheath NUMARI dress! I wear that dress as often as I can as it genuinely makes me look and feel my very best. It's stylish and comfortable all at the same time - which is very much needed in my dynamic days full of daytime and evening meetings and events. I also adore the bib/collar-style statement necklaces and they are my go-to accessory.

KK: Since launching NUMARI I have developed a deeper appreciation for fit. Irrespective of what garment or designer you're wearing, fit can absolutely make or break your look. My favorite pieces in my wardrobe are no doubt all my NUMARI dresses that fit me perfectly!

4. Do you have any style or beauty secrets to share?

AA: For style- Less is more. Invest in quality pieces that you feel great in and speak to your style. For beauty- practice really does make perfect. If you're wondering how some women seem to apply their make-up flawlessly, it's because they've invested time into perfecting that skill. It's an art that comes with practice.

KK: For style - No matter what the trend is, invest in pieces that truly make you feel beautiful. Your personal style is all about you based on your unique personality and not about what's trending. I don't use a lot of beauty products but love my red lipstick. Sometimes a great lipstick is all you need.

5. How do you spend your "me" time?

AA: Working on a fast growing start-up, there is little "me" time to be enjoyed - but when I can get a quick break, I love reading and also experimenting in the kitchen. I have a new found love and respect for running and am training for my first half marathon this summer. 

KK: I hit the gym. As a start-up founder, I have a million things running through my head all the time. A good workout lets me relax and clear my head. I love hot yoga, which is my best remedy when I feel stressed out.

6. What is the most important thing you have learned through running your own business?

AA: Patience and perseverance are requirements for success. Things will often take twice as long as you expect and cost twice as much. Stay focused and always remember that risk equals reward. 

KK: Building genuine relationships is key. When you're running a business there is a direct correlation between your success and your ability to build long term relationships. This includes your relationships with your partner, team, and customers.

7. What is your mantra? 

AA: "Carpe Diem." Seize the day. And the opportunity.

KK: "Listen". One of the things that can really hurt you in business is assuming you are the smartest person in the room and not listening to other ideas and feedback. 

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