Favorite Styles of Boyfriend Jeans

Today we have our fashion and beauty contributor Faith Pierce {from that's just fabulous} sharing her favorite pairs of boyfriend jeans for spring. I have my eye on this tailored and cropped pair from J.Crew.  Also be sure to check out the Rag & Bone pair from Shopbop. Shopbop is having their Family and Friends sale and all full-price and sale items are 25% off. 

I’ve actually had a pair of boyfriend jeans hiding in the back of my closet for about three years now; and it wasn’t until this past year that they became a front-runner in my weekend look. They are the first pair I reach for on Saturday morning and my favorite item to dress up or down. It’s actually time I got new ones (I have officially created massive holes in mine from over-wearing them), so I decided to do a few searches and narrow done some of my favorite pairs.


1] Paige Demin, Jimmy Jimmy Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans :  These Paige jeans provide the perfect amount [in my opinion] of destruction without being overly ripped up. The color is also my favorite for spring denim.


2] J.Crew, Boyfriend Jeans : If you are looking for a more tailored and refined boyfriend jean, J.Crew absolutely delivers. They are relaxed without being too big, free from tears, and a nice medium wash.


3] Rag & Bone, Boyfriend Jeans : Rag and Bone delivers a true “I just grabbed my man’s denim and look better than him in them” jean. Perfectly relaxed without being oversized and perfectly destroyed. The color is also a favorite.


4] Gap, White Boyfriend Jean : White denim plus an unbeatable price point.


5] LOFT, Relaxed Skinny Jeans : Loft categorizes this as a “lean boyfriend” almost. It gives the wash and look of a typical boyfriend jean with a much slimmer cut that is very flattering.


6] Madewell, Boy Jean :  You can’t beat Madewell denim and unlike many brands they offer a much darker wash in their boyfriend jean. Since most versions are a very light stone wash it was refreshing to find one a little darker.


7] LOFT, Boyfriend Jeans : My personal favorite of all the jeans; slight destruction, perfect length to cuff, great wash, and just the right amount of give. This is the pair I reach for in my closet weekend after weekend.