Favorite Nail Polish Pairings

Today we have our fabulous beauty and fashion contributor Faith Pierce sharing some of her favorite nail polish pairings. I love all these pairings but I am definitely partial to #4. Which one is your favorite?

For years now I have been totally obsessed with having perfectly manicured nails. It’s very, very rare to see me sans polish and my friends often joke that they have never seen my nails bare. For the longest time I was pretty stubborn about my nail color. They were one of the three; almost black (my favorites include Black Cherry Chutney by OPI and Wicked by Essie), a nude/pink like OPI Bubble Bath or Essie Topless & Barefoot, and occasionally they were red. Recently though, I have branched out and started testing out some new and much different shades. Above are a few of the color combos I’m loving at the moment.


1. Essie, Too Taboo & Deborah Lippmann, Amazing Grace : This combo is actually on my hands and toes at the moment. I’m totally in love with the Essie Neon Collection and think that a white pedicure is the perfect sharp contrast.

2. NARS, Galathée  & Deborah Lippmann, Flowers in her Hair : A nice light grey is the perfect cool manicure for summer, the pop of mint on your toes keeps it fresh and fun.

3. Essie, Find Me An Oasis  & Essie, Bouncer It’s Me! : I really like the idea of a monochromatic look. Bouncer It’s Me! was one of the first vibrantly bright colors I tried and it’s a staple during the warmer months now.

4. Deborah Lippmann, Sarah Smile  & Butter London, Union Black Jack : Okay, old habits die hard. These are classic colors and the Deborah Lippmann polish was created from a collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker…therefore I love it even more

5. NARS, Trouville & Butter London, Ladybird : I always see bloggers such as Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere clawing red and pink together and love how it looks when paired together properly.