Happy Friday! 

This week I decided to mix things up and focus on what some of my favorite pieces are to wear when I am lounging around or getting outside. I wanted to debunk the age old myth that comfort and style can't cohabitate. From comfy and stylish sweatpants to the perfect racerback tank top, these Style Finds are all incredible for a more relaxed day.

On Monday it was all about finding a sweatshirt that was comfortable and cozy, yet still fashionable. This dual Zipper DeLacy style is a combination of all those requirements, it is flattering, fashion forward and still relaxed.

On Tuesday the Outdoor Voices tank from J.Crew was the great Style Find. This top is so simple and sleek, it pairs perfectly with leggings for a run or with jeans and sandals. Either way it is incredibly stylish no matter what you are up to.

Wednesday was centered on shoes, these bright and bold Nike sneakers may just be the motivation we need in order to get up and get active.

Finally, on Thursday I focused on sweatpants. Many people don't perceive sweatpants as a piece that can be flattering and fashionable. However, this Sundry pair proves both of those ideas. The slim fit and cropped style keep these pants from being anything but a good idea. With all of these Style Finds you may find yourself craving a more relaxed day, but don't fret because these pieces prove that active wear and loungewear can be stylish and sleek.