Happy Friday!

This week’s Style Finds were all based on what my favorite pieces to sport at the beach are. From the perfect shades to patterned towels, there are so many great pieces for a day in the sun.

On Monday I focused on the chicest ways to stay dry, this Nine Spaces J.Crew collaboration towel is an adorable and nautical style. The tassels add another layer of elegance and fun, it really is all in the details.

Next, on Tuesday it was all about how to cover up, this Vix Swimwear kaftan is an incredible addition to any summer wardrobe. The simple lines and synched waist combine for a flattering and colorful way to stay covered on your walk to the water. 

Wednesday I shifted gears and focused on how to invigorate your sunglasses. We are creatures of habit and it is so easy to opt for the same, classic and sometimes boring shades. Try mixing things up with this violet Club Monaco style. They are a conventional shape combined with a translucent frame that will add a hint of edge to any look.

Lastly, on Thursday I finished things off by showcasing a rectangular canvas beach tote. This Ann Taylor style is very classic with clean lines and simple details. Not only will it carry all your beach must haves, but also it is a timeless piece you will be carrying year after year to the water.

Next time you are headed to the beach try to mix things up and add some more style to your relaxing vacation with these simple pieces.--Carly 

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