Confidence & Style

 Photo by Tamzin Smith Photography

My mission as a stylist is to inspire women to love their style and to empower confidence through style.  Valerie, one of my styling clients, was asked by her friend if my styling services were "worth it." So Valerie responded to her friend by sharing her feedback on the styling process she completed with me.

After Valerie hit send on that email she told me she noticed that had used the word "confident" several times. Valerie said "For me, that was one of the greatest benefits of your work with me. You affirmed my choices, gave me ideas, and increased my confidence that I could continue to up my game!" 

Today I thought I would share Valerie's kind words with you. 

Confidence & Style by Valerie

I loved my closet edit with Naina! It was more like a workshop than an edit. I felt like she was guiding me to this rich vein of gold that was previously known to me, but that I hadn't fully explored.

I think I have a pretty good eye for clothes and for a style that fits with my life and the narrative I want to offer out in the world. I may have already known some of Naina's how-to suggestions at some level. They made sense to me right away which increased my confidence and willingness to experiment on my own. 

However, Naina took me further than I'd been before on my own, offering me ideas out of my own closet that never would have occurred to me. And she's been great about following up with links to basic pieces that will make my daily choices flow more easily. 

I know I will save money in the future if I keep practicing what I've learned. Since we worked together I've been taking a picture of myself every day, keeping her suggestions front and center. The learning keeps growing, the creativity keeps growing, and as I put together each new unique outfit, my faith keeps growing that I can keep doing this -- choosing clothes that are right for me and having fun in the process!

There's an unexpected golden nugget that's showed up since Naina's visit. Every day I make a good choice in the clothes that I'm wearing (and what I'm buying) I'm feeling more confident. For me, that was one of the greatest benefits of Naina's work with me. She affirmed my choices, gave me ideas, and increased my confidence that I could continue to up my game!

In terms of value, I was a little nervous about investing in Naina's service. However, I have a budget for clothes and I kept the closet edit within that budget. I made the decision to spend the money on the edit rather than on new shoes and a new dress. As each day has passed since our time together, I've been more and more convinced it was the best decision I could have made!