Travel Essentials

I travel a ton for business and pleasure and I am always on the lookout for travel items that will make my life easier. And over time I have found that there are certain items I seem to use over and over again. My favorite travel items as of late includes this scarf, my favorite concealer, and a super comfy pair of ankle boots. You can also check out some of my favorite travel items over at Capsule! Today we have Faith sharing some of her favorite travel essentials and this checklist is definitely going to help me with all the upcoming travel I have planned. Check out some of Faith's favorite travel items below. 

Whenever I travel I have a few essentials that I just can’t go without. Good face wipes, definitely a pair of headphones, comfy shoes, and the biggest/chicest purse (that can double as a carry on) that I can find. Above is my list of top seven items. Check them out and then let me know what you can’t travel without!


Faith Pierce is a regular contributor to  For more of Faith's work, check out her blog That's Just Fabulous.