On Air: Holiday Fashion at Fox5DC

Yesterday I stopped by Fox5DC/GoodDayDC to share some outfit ideas and style tips for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. Whether you have a family dinner, trendy Friendsgiving, or you're meeting your significant other's parents for the first time, I've got you covered with some fun and festive outfit ideas. Finding a stylish ensemble for a food filled frenzy can be confusing and tiresome and it requires some careful outfit planning in advance. The outfits featured are food friendly and stylish!

3 Key Style Tips for Thanksgiving and the Holidays

1. Dress a little nicer than usual. 

2. Focus on outfits that are not fussy and not too casual. 

3. Plan your outfits in advance to take out the anxiety and stress of getting dressed on the day of the event.  

All the looks featured on the models were provided by Morley Bethesda