On Trend: The Culotte

Lately in the world of fashion pant hems have been shrinking, while their widths have been expanding. The culotte is back and screams chic, high fashion. From the likes of Kendall Jenner to the editors at Vogue, everyone is sporting the pant that became popular starting back in the Victorian era. With most people’s comfort zone still being super skinny, use the above to think about a few things when shopping for this look. Keeping your print simple and your color palette minimal will help make them more wearable. A wide pant also means that you can get away with less up top - so opt for a slinky tank or a super fitted option. Heels will absolutely look amazing and help to show off/flatter your ankles, but I think a cute summer flat can work just as well. Make sure the shoe isn’t clunky and helps to streamline the look. - Faith