7 Ways To Repeat An Outfit Without It Being Noticeable

Image by Shirley B. Eniang

We have all repeated outfits, maybe we didn't have time to do laundry or maybe we just really love an outfit right? Well, with a few of these style tips you can easily and successfully repeat outfits without anyone noticing. It just takes a few tricks and a little preparation. 


 Pair it differently

. Play around with scarves, hats, necklaces, and belts.  These are great ways to get more mileage out of that little black dress hanging in your wardrobe. Try changing up your makeup or hair. Swap out those heels and add athletic shoes to your dress for a more casual and playful look. 


Add a third piece.

 Add a blazer, jean jacket, trench, or moto jacket to change up the look and to elevate and pull together your look. In most cases if you're wearing pants or a skirt and top, outerwear is a "third"piece. The third piece is your secret weapon when it comes to style. It instantly elevates your look and makes it look effortless and elevated. 


Invest in the essentials items

such as black leggings, blazer, white blouse etc.  These are the items that form the foundation of creating fresh and new ouftits and with these you can create endless combinations. 


Consider creating a capsule wardrobe.

 Less is more and if you have the right pieces in your wardrobe it will make creating outfits so much easier to do. To do this consider your lifestyle and what your typical "uniform" is most days. If you wear jeans and silk blouses then get a variety of these so can you can continuously interchange these pieces and have lots of versatility every single day! 


Experiment with different color combinations.

If you normally wear a lot of neutral clothing, switch things up by adding in a new color.  You could try a gorgeous  coat in this seasons' hot color -periwinkle. If you love wearing color, try new color combinations like green and blush or navy and light pink. 


Know your audience and give it time.

  If you're around completely different people it's definitely ok to repeat that skirt.  Also, if you space out the outfit and give it some time people may forget and you will also feel like you're wearing the outfit for the first time. 


Switch the vibe of an outfit.

  A romantic dress can look rock-chic with the addition of a leather jacket.  If you're wearing jeans and a top, you can mix up your look by adding a jean jacket and sneakers to run errands. Or you can style the look with a  long cardigan and tall boots for a cozy look perfect for Sunday brunch with your girlfriends 

Lastly if you're going to repeat have fun and do it with confidence!