Style Trend: Eat Pray Love


I am so excited to attend the advance screening of the movie Eat, Pray, Love this evening. The movie officially opens in Theatres on Friday August 13th. 
I read Eat Pray Love a few years ago WAY before it became popular and at the time I really enjoyed the book.  Even though I think all the hype and press about the book and Elizabeth Gilbert is a bit excessive, I am still excited to see the movie.  I am a  huge Julia Roberts fan and I cannot wait to see all the fun scenes in Italy, India, and Indonesia.  I have traveled to Italy and India but I have not been to Indonesia so I am really interested to see beautiful scenes from there.
I am also excited to see Julie's wardrobe. We can expect lots of Eastern inspired styles (which I adore) along with styles that are comfortable and actually wearable!


Here are some of the trends spotted from scenes in the movie.
1.  maxi dresses
2.  aviator sunglasses
3.  ankle flat strap sandals
4.  tie dye wraps and scarfs
5.  denim tunic tops
6.  straw hats
7.  beaded bracelets and necklaces
8.  cowl neck sweaters
9.  hobo bags hoop earrings





{images via InStyle}