Eat Pray Love Movie Premiere

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Last night Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem attended the "Eat Pray Love" movie premiere in New York City.  Julia sported some short shorts on the red carpet along with some amazing heels and beautiful jewelry. I think she looks simple, classy, and beautiful in this outfit.  What do you think of her outfit?

I also attended the advance screening of this movie last night in Boston and overall I found the movie inspiring and I enjoyed it.  In most cases a movie never really never lives up to the detailed character development you get by reading the book.  And this movie is no exception. And there are definitely parts of the movie that seem contrived and a bit self indulgent. However, if you focus on positive aspects of this movie and don't go into it with really high expectations then you will enjoy  it.  So basically, if you appreciate beautiful cinematography and love Julia Roberts then this movie is for you.  Also, if you have not read the book yet then you will probably enjoy the movie more than those of us who have read the book.

Naina Singlamovies