Monday Night: It's a Date

Aneesh and I both started back at work today after being off for several days. So we decided to officially end our holidays and 2010 with a date night at Capital Grille, one of our favorite spots in Boston. We sat the bar and reflected on 2010 and we discussed some of our goals and resolutions for 2011. While Aneesh listed off his resolutions for 2011 I can honestly say I have not made any specific resolutions for 2011. Last year my New Year's resolution was to figure out a way to be more creative and I came up with this blog idea in January and got it started by Spring.

For this year, we talked about the idea of setting a joint resolution/goal for 2011. Since we both have an interest in improving our photography skills, we decided to work on this goal together. We end up getting so busy with our own careers and interests so having this joint goal will be a great way to spend some quality time together. I hope by this time next year both of us will be able to use our camera in manual mode! Let's see how it goes.....

Cheers to 2011!

Naina Singla