My sister and I have long hair and blow drying it is always so time consuming so when I found out about City Blow, an at home hair styling and blow dry service in Boston, I knew we had to give it a try. City Blow will come to you wherever you are including the gym. The stylist brings all her own styling tools, a chair, and even magazines and an IPad to keep you entertained. All you have to do is select the style you want! Seriously I might get addicted to this service!

So instead of making long lists of New Year's resolutions how about making a commitment in 2011 to treating yourself and indulging a bit. This could be the occasional professional blow dry, a massage or facial, or even just a simple manicure/pedicure. We all deserve to look and feel good right?

The stylist brings the chair, all her styling tools,  reading material including magazines and an IPad

Our wonderful stylist Paula is styling my sister's hair

My sister after her blow dry and styling session

And me after my blow dry session

Naina Singlahair