The EveryGirl's Guide To Life-Maria Menounos

On Saturday I attended the Celebrity Style Spring Event and VIP book signing with Access Hollywood special correspondent, actress, and author, Maria Menounos. During the fashion event, Maria shared her views on the hottest celebrity styles in a celebrity-inspired fashion show. I did not end up staying for the entire book signing because the it started late, there were long lines for the book signing, and my VIP pass just couldn't get me to the front of the line! Have I mentioned patience is not one of my strengths? Anyway I did get two copies of the book and will let you know how the book is once I read it.

Don't you think Maria looks fabulous in this simple short white lace dress from H&M? You can't see Maria's shoes but she was wearing adorable Louboutin nude patent leather platform pumps. Maria also recommends more affordable nude patent pumps by Steve Madden.

In The EveryGirl's Guide to Life, Maria reveals her EveryGirl secrets on everything from systems to organize life, managing time, weight-loss tips (she lost forty pounds),and styling yourself like the stars.

Here's a few EveryGirl Motto's from the book

Be proactive, not reactive, in life.

Maximize every resource, as well as every minute of the day, fitting in everything from fashion to family to finances to fitness.

Avoid vampires. Friends, family, or other individuals who are jealous, seek to harm you, or are just plain negative should be avoided.

Embrace "the Sunshine Committee." Friends, family, or other individuals who are positive and full of "sunshine" should be sought out and embraced. 

If you're not growing, you're dying. Remain open to learning and to new experiences.

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xoxo, Naina