Hana Air hair dryer (my review here) / Spornette Prego 270 hairbrush /  Biosilk Silk Therapy / GHD flatiron (mine looks just like the one in the picture and is a few years old but this is one is similar) / Oscar Blandi Pronto dry shampoo / L'Oreal Elnett satin hairspray

There  are so many ways to maintain healthy hair and washing hair less frequently always tops the list. Washing hair every day strips away oils that keeps hair supple and healthy and if you have long hair like I do it is just too inconvenient. Most of the time I try and wash my hair every two to three days and I use dry shampoo between washes and after workouts to absorb oils and extend time between washes.   I also use Moroccan oil after each wash to soften hair and help maintain shine. Other tricks that seem to work for me include using minimal styling products that cause my hair to be weighed down or greasy, avoid running fingers in my hair, and minimize highlights to twice yearly.  

Usually after washing my hair I like to wear it straight the first day, tousled and wavy the second, and then up in a low or high ponytail or bun on the third day. But I hear Washington D.C. gets humid and hot in the summer so I might have to come up with three new hairstyles and new styling products for my naturally wavy and somewhat unruly hair. 

{Graphic design by Kirsten for STYLE'N}