I saw this adorable list over at jodie noted and thought I would also give it a try. 



eating...leftover peanut m & m's from the stash of candy we bought this weekend for our girls movie night. And this is probably not the healthiest thing to eat considering I worked out this morning. 

reading...just downloaded The Washington Post on my IPad so I can stay in the loop with local events and activities. Also downloaded Real Simple and The Harvard Business Review as well. Oh and I am still not done with these books. 

watching...The Wedding Crashers and The Vow (I don't highly recommend this movie) this past weekend with the girls in our home movie theatre. 

listening requests from Ariyana including Somebody that I used to know by Gotye, Starships by Jazmine, and Glad you Came by The Wanted. 

dreaming of...our beach vacation to Turks & Caicos in August

anticipating...hanging out the pool with Ariyana, summer grilling with friends, and a trip back to Boston in July

loving...anything and everything yellow. Just bought a yellow clutch, pencil skirt, and hair clip. 

creating...well not today but later week when this cookbook arrives on my doorstep, I am looking forward to creating wonderful and delicious seasonal vegetarian recipes. 

appreciating...time. It is so nice to have more time to work out, cook, read, and spend time with my family.  I am proud to say I can now use my camera in full manual mode! 

celebrating...old girlfriends I have known for so many years and new girlfriends I am starting to make in Washington D.C.