How To Wear A Brooch With Style

While shopping for accessories this weekend with my girlfriends,  my friend Alli I were chatting about stylish and unique ways to wear a brooch. Brooches refresh and add glamour and style to an outfit and they are especially great this time of year to pair with summer dresses.  One of the most obvious ways to wear a brooch is to pin it on the lapel of a jacket and this works great with smaller and more delicate brooches. You can also cluster several small brooches on the lapel or even a dress for a more dramatic and bold look. And larger brooches are great to close a cardigan, secure a scarf  or wear as a hair accessory. Larger brooches also add a little charm and make a statement when added to a necklace. 

Here are several more creative and stylish ways to wear a brooch.  

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