How A Stylist Can Help You Dress For Your LifeStyle

One of my goals as a stylist is to show clients how to find and elevate their own personal style. It is important to help each client find outfits that they feel confident in and that also work for their lifestyle. 

Bonnie asked me to help her create outfits that work for her lifestyle as a photographer. Her typical week includes networking events, client meetings, and photo shoots. On the days she works from home she also runs errands or meet up with friends for coffee. And on the weekend Bonnie spends time with her husband and friends discovering new restaurants and things to do around Washington DC.

During our style session Bonnie styled four outfits exactly how she would wear them. Then we discussed ways to upgrade her look while taking into consideration her own personal style and what she feels comfortable wearing. I made some recommendations and style tips for Bonnie and created four new outfits for her. 

Note - ALL items are from Bonnie's closet and she did not purchase anything new. 

Style Notes

Networking events are all about making new connections so I want Bonnie to feel confident and to stand out from the crowd.  This yellow dress has that "wow" factor and to balance out the feminine look and all the color I added a more edgy jean jacket and studded sandals. Bonnie look is so effortlessly chic. 

Style Tips

Don't be afraid to mix up dressy and casual pieces and trendy and classic pieces together.

Always dress to make a first impression. 

Style Notes

This a super cute outfit to run errands, work from home, and meet with friends. Bonnie's issue is that she "saves" her accessories (and clothes) for special occasions and thus she never ends up wearing them. The addition of a scarf and cuff is a great way to complete any outfit and the mixing of prints and patterns is so on trend. 

Style Tips

Keep accessories displayed where you can see them and incorporate them into your everyday style. 

Be stylish EVERYday!

Style Notes

When Bonnie is on a photo shoot her needs to focus on taking photos and she doesn't want her outfit to draw too much attention.  Her outfit has to be functional, unfussy, and comfortable.  But I think it is also important for Bonnie to look polished, professional, and stylish because she may gain potential clients. A statement necklace and a fun blazer or vest are easy and fun ways to show personality without drawing too much attention.

Style Tips

Professional attire can be stylish and fashionable. 

Accessories and layering are easy and fun ways to show personality at the workplace without drawing too much attention.

Style Notes

When Bonnie goes out to dinner with her husband or friends she likes to wear leggings,  tunic and flats.  I challenged her to glam it up on the weekends and pull out those dresses and sequin pieces from the back of her closet. 

Style Tips

For a night on the town or date night step up your style and don't be afraid to be glamorous.

A fabulous pair of heels, a little sparkle, and some bright lipstick will make you feel tall, sexy, and confident. 


Special thanks to Kirsten Stoddard for the graphic design/layout and to Bonnie Sen for editing the photos. 

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