What To Wear: All White Summer Outfit

One of the hottest trends this summer season is all white. At first this can seem like an overwhelming or difficult look to re-create. The idea pulling pieces of the same color and combining them in a way that doesn’t resemble an unflattering jumpsuit sounds like a difficult task. However, no need to stress because this is actually one of the most user-friendly trends of the season. The key is simply mixing different textures; as a result the pieces you combine won’t look odd or ill fitting. Even if you are wearing the same shade, if you mix up the textures and fabric densities the look will feel varied and chic. These street style looks showcase how easy it can be to pull off the all white trend. From mixing sheer tops with white denim or lace T-shirts with billowing white skirts, there are so many options. So next time you are in front of your closet contemplating what to wear, try mixing your white jeans with a sheer blouse or lace top!--Carly